Monday, September 18, 2006

Work is for horses

but playing in the garden all day is great fun!

Up at the crack of dawn and an early visit to B&Q to get improving stuff for the onion bed. Couple of hours digging that in and raked over a couple of bags of manure to form a perfect square of virgin soil. Didn't help of course when I cut the hedge and the leaves went everywhere lol.

Washed down the two mini g/h with a dose of Jeyes, moved ickle mini into ickle grand g/h to provide extra insulation for the overwintering babies. Staging arrived for No. 1 g/h so erected that and repositioned all the peppers and smaller chillis. Looks fab and there's so much extra space now that things are off the floor.

Moved the bird table and now the little darlings are chucking seed all over the patio, but they're so close you could touch them, and they don't seem to mind me pointing a camera at them. Not that I got one pic today worth printing, but not to worry.

I think I have a visitor in the cupboard under the stairs where the birdseed is kept though as I found lots of shredded black plassie bag mixed in with the seed. Something tells me Mr Mouse is up to his old tricks again. Ah well as long as I don't see him (or grab him when I put the jar in to get the seed out) I don't much mind ........... today anyway. I'll save that clearing out adventure for when the OH is otherwise unoccupied and he can tackle the beast lol.

Spoke to a lovely woman for funding for the deck. Which floor are you on ? Ah yes, the ground floor, would be a bit silly wanting a deck if you were higher up eh ? Cooked tea (that's a first) for when the OH walked through the door.

Now off to pack and get seeds ready for mum and photos printed for nan who I'll be seeing on my lightning visit down south to see Robbie W with my kid. Not seen any of them since March ! That's a whole half year ago :-O. Doesn't time fly when you've got a shovel in your hand.

Cheerie bye.

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