Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tonight's Excursion

Was to shift some muck about. One of the courgettes was totally past it, so out he came - into the bin with you and be gone ! The carrot bath (which worked very well for keeping out the evil fly) has been sitting behind g/h No. 1 half empty (where the carrots were) and the other half still housing some of my anti fly companion Naughty Marietta marigolds. So I replaced the courgette with four NMs and dug a load more of their compost onto the raised bed nearest the shed. That bed is nearly full now, so just slung on some mustard seed for a bit of green manuring. Must get the OH to nail the top bed frame onto the sunk one before it skews off.

Everything is just a case of moving things about and consolidating atm.

It was a good job that I did open the g/hs this morning as the day turned out quite pleasant and temps were still reading 100o inside both. Clear sky tonight though so I expect it will be a bit nippy.

I'm considering which bases to lay once the majority of the growing is done and am trying my hardest to coerce big strong men into laying them for me. Slabs or gravel, or both or concrete. Decisions decisions. Wish I was a bit more clued up on the diy-ing side of things. I'm not sure how many 2'x2' slabs I could transport from front to back when delivered though. Dependency has its price.

I noticed some of the late sown Autumn Kings poking out of a pot today and picked the first crop (5 !!!) of climbing beans. I reckon next March is going to be manic.

Played with the cold frame a bit (still haven't worked out exactly how to use one). I mean what is the difference between a cold frame and a mini g/h ? I want to put it on the boundary to next doors plot (oop sorry, back garden) next year, but the slope would face in the wrong direction, so I'm trying to take the thing apart and have the hinge on the lower edge so that I can get into it from the tall side (confused ? stick with it ...). I think it's going to need a bit of brute force, so ended up putting it back where it was with the lids off. Ah well there's always tomorrow.

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