Sunday, March 25, 2007

The big yellow thing was back yesterday !

And a lovely day it was too. I actually managed to throw off the fleece for a while. Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but we could actually do with some rain. Not with the accompanying gale force winds, but some nice warmish water if you wouldn't mind, please !

However, taking advantage of the sun, I got lots done.

Went to pick up the spesheel glass for the greenhouse vent, leaving the OH behind working out how to install the louvres. Came home to hear "it doesn't fit". Fuzzem fuzzem ! So we installed the new vent first cos we were SURE that would fit (were we?)but it did ! Had a grand opening ceremony to celebrate ! Then got down to the louvres. How can they NOT fit, it was a standard accessory kit for a standard greenhouse. OH was right though and there's a gap under the louvres of about 4". Definitely WASN'T going to go and order another bit of glass, so cut up a polycarb sheet (which is now drying off over the radiator to get rid of the condensation before we tape up the edges and install in place.

Sowed some Early Nantes in the bath, (Parmix in the g/h are coming on a treat - I've only had to thin a few as I sowed sparingly). Surrounded bath carrots with red baron onions that were sprouting well but seem a bit soft - hope it's nothing fatal ! Covered bath in fleece.

Transplanted some lettuce leaves from the g/h to an outside bed as they were looking a bit scorched. Same with some of the icicle radishes. Think it was too hot for them inside so now they're under fleece. Little Gems sown 18/3 have just popped through but no sign of the borage, sparkler 3 radish or bronze fennel which were all sown on the same day.

Mum had said that my brother's selfseeded candytufts were already a good few inches high down south, so I stuck some in the edge of the "under the hedge" border.

Threw some more peas in pots (sugar snap, meteor, twinkle). With a bit of luck i can plant them out after my journey darn sarf. The ones in the ground already are looking a bit scraggy. The meteor are definitely doing better than the twinkle.

Decided to plant out my senecio greyii cuttings to one of the neighbours beds so in future years it will be established and no need from me to do anything ! I've had a tub of aquilegia, sown last year, but never came to naught, but has sprouted again this year, so stuck that in a border too. Erected one of the rose arches in neighbours border just outside g/h No. 2. Am planning on running the sweetpeas up there to act as some shading. Need to feed the garlic I think. there is still yellowing edges to the leaves. it could of course still be the cold.

stuck some nasturtium seeds round the edge of the water barrel planter. too soon probably, so if they grow, they grow, if they don't - still got tonnes left from last year.

A pair of blue-tits are visited the garden regularly now but still no sign of action towards the bird box which is hidden round the side of the shed next to the hedge. I don't think the birdies can find it ! lol

I've decided to spend my birthday cash on two autovents for the big g/h which I could really do with installing before my trip, but that's not going to happen, so need to think about putting up some shading. The really vulnerables will come in and go on the spare bed, but there is still a lot of stuff I won't have room for indoors and I don't want it all burned to death while I'm away. Perhaps I'll tackle that today ..... after the homework which I'm going to have to do now.

Happy Spring people !


Ziggywigs said...

Whey hey Mrs KP what glorious weather we've had up norff. Have been the whole weekend sowing and planting....brill! You sound like your well on too. Shame about your glass for the GH.

Starting to cut the grass in the i wise? Was thinking of sowing nasturtiums today but have decided to hold off just now..just not sure. Maybe in April i'll get them you though got loads of seed! Have a safe journey Souff.

MrsKP said...

Thanks Z. We had a great time, and was hoping to come home for a rest. No such luck ! Too much to do outside. It's been like the Costa del Sol here and hope it continues.

New problem with the g/h ! Ordered two auto vents which arrived while I was away. Do the bolt holes match ? Do they heck as like ! So now need to drill a couple of holes (in aluminium!!!!). I can see they staying in their boxes lol.

Enjoy your long weekend !

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