Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tee hee hee. No. 3 on the "list"

This is just ridiculous. More torrential rain and blowing a gale ........ again !

So I cheer myself up by looking at the poor daffs in the front garden that are taking a battering.

I started today by washing the inside of the big greenhouse and finished it just in time to move everything in before the rain started.

We did have a wee bit of very bright sun for about an hour and then the heavens opened !

Still I managed to get all the grow bags inside to "warm up". That'll be a joke if it snows on Monday lol but I suppose they'd still be warmer inside that out.

Rearranged both greenhouse occupants and spent the rest of the day pricking out calendula, tomatoes and chillis ! There are literally DOZENS of the things !

Went up to the glass merchants and ordered my vent pane, then went to the stables who ........ no longer sell straw !! ffs ! was pointed in the direction of the park manager to see if he sold it, but same answer there ! tut tut !

While looking for him though, I found a bit of the park that was just filled with Great Tits, Blue Tits and Chaffinches so I stayed a while there and watched them. Back home all the Dunnocks and Sparrows were (in great numbers) battling against the wind trying to get to the feeders before being blown into the hedge.

I'm sitting looking at the fleece over the broad beans and peas hanging on for dear life. I REALLY don't want to have to go out and put more clips on, so I hope it holds.

Exciting bit of the day though was popping into the allotments on the way to the stables and finding that I am THIRD on the list !!! It's gonna be this season !!!!! The OH was less than thrilled with the good news lol.

Am shattered now though so am going to have a quiet read of Andi Clevely just to get into practice !! I'm already planning what else to start sowing so that I can get something in the ground this season. I know I'm being a bit premature, but don't want to be caught short when I get the email to come and collect the keys. Even if If it's in a state, I'll still manage to get at least one bed dug, so will need something to go in the ground pretty damn smartish ! At least I'll have enough calendula but will I be brave enough to put my climbing beans in at the lottie ! Suppose I'd better wait for the word go before I get too excited though !

Finally, a fond farewell to our Supersprout who was laid to rest on Thursday. We are so lucky to have "known" her and will be remembering her fondly and often.

Hang on to your hats people, it's a wild one out there this weekend.

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