Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Yikes - Garlic coming out of my ears

With all the talk of white rot and rust (I don't think I have either), I braved the torrential rain about 5 mins ago to dig up one of the garlic bulbs.

As this rain doesn't appear to want to stop, I think I know what I'll be doing tonight, bearing in mind that I'm away down south for the weekend and don't want the rot starting before I get back.

Now where am I going to dry everything ???


Anonymous said...

judging by the foliage it still had a bit of growing to do.

MrsKP said...

yip, agreed, probably had, but i've only pulled about half and didn't want to find i'd lost the lot in a flood at the weekend.

Happy with what I have so far, as long as I don't do anything daft to lose the lot now ! Got it hanging in the shed, there's plenty of time to wreck it yet ! :-)