Thursday, June 21, 2007

No vampires in my shed!

I lifted approximately half the garlic when I got in from work last night. It had been raining quite heavily all day and as I didn't know what was going on underground, I panicked and pulled.

Needn't have worried by all accounts. There are quite a few burst bulbs (mainly the purples) but all look pretty good to me, even if I could have left them longer to get bigger. The ones in the ground can stay there as long as they like now until they flop. At least I'll have some for the store cupboard if I can dry them right and if they start looking a bit dodge on their washing line, I can peel and squidge them and stick them in the freezer. I just hope I haven't bruised their necks too badly with the nylon line. No doubt I shall find out in due course. I was initially quite proud of the idea, but now I'm worrying that they'll rot hanging up ! Next year, I'll be an expert ! :-)

Naturally, because I was worried about the rain, the sun has come out this morning, typical, so I'm going to open both shed doors today and let the air circulate. Quite chilly out there though by the looks of the condensation on the g/h.

Right off to open up.


Ziggywigs said...

What a cool idea for drying garlic....let us know how it works.

MrsKP said...

will do Ziggy, I'm thinking now maybe I should have used a softer twine, but then the whole row would probably have collapsed ! lol

I've already been told off for lifting them too early but the thought of losing them all to some disease or other was too much to bear. Will chart their progress.