Saturday, May 26, 2007

It's all exploding !

Spent all day up on the lottie and got back about 4pm to start on the plot. Here's some pics of today.

The triffid house with my wee Millwall gnome standing guard.

Another of Mum's rather attractive "brown marigolds". I really must decide on a name for it ! This is in the g/h to protect the toms from wild beasties.

Cayenne peppers. Now what am I going to do with eight of them ?

Bronze fennel, coming along nicely and just right for the lottie!

Vivid petunia

Strange tomato blooms. One is Marmande, the other a Muchamiel.

A bag of petunias. Yesterday these were really droopy as they'd dried out. Don't take long to recover ! Indestructible plants.

Some of RDM's fuschias

Lilies ready to pop

Nasturtiums and beetroot with a few morning glory thrown in.

Calendula going potty !

The courgettes - they seems to like it in the ground. They're still under cover, which I just took off for the photo !

Various fruit bushes, the christmas tree and some leeks

Jasmine and thingy greyii


Everything really is starting to go wild. I did a 12hr shift today between the plot and the lottie and enjoyed every minute of it.

The diary has gone completely to pot now, so next year I'll have to rely on the blogs to give me an idea of what I did when. I've still to plant out a tray of lobelia, Lemon Zest calendula, yet another tray of petunia and more fuschias than I can throw a big stick at, oh and there are still marigolds in their 3" pots just waiting for the lottie to be ready so they can go up there.

I've got a few wee lavender plants grown from cuttings that can go up there as well. So much for downsizing.

OK off for a shower and bed to try and read my new edition of Gardeners World before I collapse on the pillow.

I do love this game, obsessive as I am.


westfieldmarch said...

Great pics KP. Enjoyed looking at them. Now I think you said that the newly aquired allotment would just take a weekend to knock in to shape. Soooo you have had a weekend so is it all knocked in to shape now?? After all a little drop of rain won't hurt you (your words)
Joking to one side you could have done with a bit of sunshine but knowing you it will soon be purrfect!! Good luck. Lorna.

MrsKP said...

Bingo ! ;-)

Erm well not quite, but I have found a source of WRM. Trouble is that it's about 40 mins away so will have to try and get that on Saturday.

I need about three more bank holidays, infact you've just given me a thought ..... day off this week ! Will have a look at the work diary tomrrow. lol

westfieldmarch said...

You had better look up the weather forecast before booking day off.