Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best laid plans go awry

Day off today, to get the fresh poo and lay it on the border. Have you seen the weather ??? Nasty and awful, so I guess I'll be spending some quality time in the shed sowing some things and having yet another tidy up. Someone has just suggested a day of daytime tele. God forbid !

Still we had a lovely rainbow long enough for me to get the camera out, closely followed by the next pic !

Waterproofs and wellies for me today !


Anonymous said...

Hi KP Will try again with comments!!
Have really enjoyed reading through all the writings in your blog.You are certainly getting everything ship shape.Just love the new decking, wouldn't be a problem to sit out there with a glass or can in your hand Eh??

Ziggywigs said...

Nice update Mrs KP....really enjoyed it. Looks like you've got the same weather as us!

MrsKP said...

Hi Lorna, well I can read it, but maybe you have to have a gmail address to become IDd. Nasty computers. Ziggywigs was anonymous for a while, but how seems to have recovered her identity ! All very confusing.

At least the rain is washing the wee away.