Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ever get the feeling you're being picked on ?

If there's not enough of a crisis to be dealing with darn sarf, I've been laid low with a really nasty man-flu type bug leaving me with not enough energy to raise a smile let alone any children in pots !

The weather (whilst not as bad as elsewhere in the country) is pretty pretty rubbish.

The greenhouses are still waiting to be repaired. Have got spare clips now, but no enthusiasm to get out there in howling gales to replace the unbroken panes. The current gaps in the glazing appear to be allowing the wind to blow straight through without causing damage to anything else.

The car has now died which creates it's own problems and highlights how reliant I am on the damn thing.

Just to show willing, I sowed a tray of Lettuce Valdor seeds the other day which are meant to be sown over the winter. Can't see any sign of spring, so perhaps I'm not too late.

Observations from the window:

Blueberry Chandler has some nice new buds on the bush. T'other blueberry (Sunshine Blue ?) remains in leaf and green.

Rosemary bush is looking just fab and appears to be coping well with the not so Mediterranean weather that we're getting atm.

The perpetual spinach could really do with being cut back (or eaten even) but the fact that it has lasted thus far without being demolished by any animals or inclement weather really has encouraged me to get another bed going.

Got a free pack of Tomato Sub Arctic Plenty with GYO mag this month which is the first useful pack of seeds that I've got excited about for a while. Masses of early, large cherry fruits which don't need pinching out and like cool weather ..... that'll do for me ! May try a few of these alongside the other cherry toms in baskets that I was going to try this year.

So that's about it for the time being. Really need to get a wiggle on and get myself sorted, but for the time being ....... back to bed with Richard Hammond and a cup of tea!

Happy weekend people !


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