Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Mum - Janet

Sadly passed away on Saturday last.

Since the end of October, I've more or less decamped down south to help my Dad take care of Mum (and also look after him) but managed to get back north for 3 weeks at the end of January.

We've been coming down every weekend since and the weekend before last, Mum was just so unwell that I stayed south again. Eventually on the 23rd February at 10.15am, she eventually gave up the battle and went peacefully before we had got up to the hospice to see her that morning ! Contrary to the last. Didn't want to upset us, I guess.

So, goodbye Mum, see you later and love you loads. Will look after the fuchsias and little red car, I promise, cross my heart. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Janet Bryer
30/3/32 - 23/2/08


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to hear this news. I know she will be a great loss to both you and your dad.

MrsKP said...

Thank you so much my dear. It's been a very hard few months for us all which has left us very sad. We're doing lots of reminiscisinginging though which is bringing us some good laughs too.

I was looking through Mum's wee seed store and found some broad beans that I sent her last year, so sowed some today and they will go on my lottie that she helped me with last June. As my sowing of BBs left in Glasgow have probably bitten the dust, I'm sure she was looking down willing me to find them :-)

I'm hoping the lottie and the plot are still there when I get back. It seems like ages since I've done anything useful up there !


Emma Jane said...

Oh MrsKP, I am sitting here reading your blog and I have just read about your mum. A rotten time and my thoughts are with you. Get them broadies growing!
Much love

Emma Jane