Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Damn - I cooked the babies !

Got home from work fully intending to paint some raised bed edges with fence stain only to find that I'd forgotten to open the mini g/h yesterday.

Had to re-sow a tray of turnips, pak choi and winter lettuce. That'll teach me for taking my eye off the ball and expecting rain !

Mum's wallflowers arrived but it look as if Mr Postie had sat on them all the way from Jersey. Half the plugs were out of the tray and floating about the box. So I've given them a drink and put them on the windowsill to see if they pick up but will phone the company today.

Thinking of consigning most of the aubs to the compost heap. I don't think there's any point trying to get anything else to set now. So Black Beauty 2 - Calliope 0. 2 out of 8 plants growing fruit - not impressed.

Waiting for dawn to break to go on a slug hunt. See if they dare touch my pansies, I'll not be a happy woman. :-) Oh and I read somewhere that blue pellets aren't as bad as first thought although I'll carry on with the "safe" variety until it's commonly accepted.

Wonder if I'll get any painting done tonight!

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