Saturday, August 04, 2007

Another two bins now full

Gave the tomatoes another right good haircut and managed to fill the two compost bins at home. What with those prunings and having a hack at the straggly petunias, clearing some of the dead peas and a mass of sweetpea depodding there was tonnes to top them up nicely. Now just a matter of waiting. The next bag is for the lottie !

The sterile seed beds where the previous home grown compost was put are slowing up on the sprouting now. A good shoogle every now and then just to dislodge them seems to be working.

The ground has been pretty dry as there had been no reasonable rain up until last night. Everything is damp this morning though and it's been very windy. Looks like everything, including the outside toms, JAs and fuchsias have survived though.

Found a couple of runners on the strawbs yesterday, so I guess that means they're on their way out. Still loads of fruit still to grow and ripen but not sure if it's going to happen this year lol.

Back to the toms - they're struggling on. Finally I'm getting a few decent trusses worth, but still so tiny. I'm doubtful whether they'll get to an appreciative size or colour before the end of the month when of course it will start turning noticeably colder.

The lavender cuttings appear to have taken, well they not all keeled over so will nurture them over the winter for planting out in spring. Got to give the bushes in the front a tidy up and trim now that the blooms are fading.

The love in the mist is out on the front border. If the wind has left them alone, I'll take some pics today. Cut a good handful of the big poppy heads for next years seed. Not going to bother with the tiny ones, lovely though they were, they're just not big or blousy enough for me.

The blueberries are just sitting there. Fruit is taking an age to ripen. Every now and then I'll steal one but still very unripe and tart. I suppose I need more patience. There is a handful of aubs that have actually set, all on the Black Beauty plants I think. Can't see one on the Calliopes. Definitely going to rethink the strategy for next year. Maybe one or two plants for curiosity value only.

I really must get round to sorting out the shed again as it's in a right old state. Am definitely going to get some more shelving put in as I'm fed up of tripping over everything.

Am waiting for a bundle of turnip seeds to arrive from Dobies and some green manures that I'm going to try out. Soon enough it will be time to give the greenhouses a good disinfect and I need to start organising the fuchsia cutting for over wintering.

No time to rest ................... ain't it always the way.


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