Saturday, July 28, 2007

Fuchsias everywhere

Been a bit of a slow week on both the plot and the lottie. Can't seem to get back into the swing of things so am just doing what's needed.

I'm growing a fabulous selection of tiny weeds that came free with the home grown compost atm. I'm looking for the silver lining lol. Guess it will just be a matter of disturbing their tiny feet until they can't be bothered any longer.

Just sown a tray of Perpetual Spinach that came free with KG mag. Hope it tastes better than when I was a kid.

Here's some more ballerinas to get me in the mood .............

Alice Hoffman

(a much improved) Snow White

Annabel & Rose of Denmark (still my faves)

Empress of Prussia

Jack Shahan

Son of Thumb

My guru says take cuttings in September, so I definitely will be. I just love these delicate little things.

Off to scour the locality for pallets today, as soon as this hangover clears. :-)

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