Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How could I forget ?

that I lived in Scotland !!! My good friend and much experienced garden type person Veggie Perrin has just reminded me, so the seed packets are going back in their basket while I drum my fingers for another month.

I'll just have to be patient and watch the 6 Tigerella toms (that I sowed a couple of nights ago) do their best and hope they didn't hear Veggie !

I had a tray of Sparkler 3 radishes cooking on the window sill but I'd obviously not planted them deep enough so they were toppling all over the place. Out came the loo rolls and compost and I spoon fed them all neck deep into their new individual wee homes. Never have radishes been so cossetted. It's a good job there's not much else going on, in a months time, there will be too much on the go to treat them with such tender loving care.

The spare room now resembles a potting shed which reminds me. The elves have been back playing havoc in the shed again. I want shelves NOT elves ! So that might be the job for the weekend along with a bit more digging if the weather holds. (Whispering) have I said it hasn't rained for a couple of days now ? shhhhh!


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Ziggywigs said...

Justy itching to get going least we've missed the snow for a change! Another month and i'll be getting going...just sitting on my hands for now! Hope things are looking good in sunny Glasgow!