Thursday, October 11, 2007

Family matters

kept me away from both the plot and the lottie at the weekend. First night back on the plot last night.

Still trying to clear out the greenhouses to clean and prepare for the winter.

New next door neighbours who I think tried to jump through the hedge ! Big gap in in now which will need wiring together ! Found a football under the hedge my side, no broken greenhouse panes - thank god for toughened glass. I can see we're going to have trouble here.

Turnips are now increasing in size and will lift a few more soon. Miner is still getting at the spinach so will counter attack tonight.

Shed is just overflowing with new toys donated by lil bro who's on his way to Menorca to live. New shelves are already full to bursting.

Stuff for the compost heap coming out of my ears. Need to get that up the plot quick. Need to get broad beans, peas and sweet peas sown ........... or I may just leave them til I've caught up with everything. Cauliflowers have been moved to the greenhouse, but are going all leggy. Think I'll just ditch them too.

No time, no help, too much to do, nights drawing in far too fast and work is a pain. Weather is very blowy and dark today, tut tut looks like rain ! Winter is on it's way.

Can you tell I'm depressed ??? lol


angle shades said...

chin up mrs, wondered where you were, no blogs to read!,only just found out you click on the photos to see them better..doh....

take care, don't let them get you down

MrsKP said...

roflmao ............ you learn summit every day eh ?

Right, that's me pulled myself together ............... see you over the "other side" (i.e. lottie blog) in 5 minutes !


angle shades said...

its me again! what does roflmao mean? I'm no good with this new fangled stuff! a friend gave me her old mobile phone yesterday,
thats another headache for me then, i won't know what to do with it!!?? going over to the lottie page now,

take care x

MrsKP said...

roll on the floor laughing my ass off .............. see that's two fings wot you've learnt ! we'll get you into teenage text speak before you know it !!! :-)

angle shades said...

thank you,

I don't know how to put the bloody thing on, and texting..........

it took me months to find the flash on my camera.........